Community Voices Showcase

The Language Conservancy


Native American languages are on the brink of extinction.   Of the 300+ tribal languages spoken in American in 1600, only 136 remain today.   Only 2% of Native Americas are fluent in their language and 90% of those speakers are over the age of 65.  Many tribes have less than 25 remaining.


The Language Conservancy, based here in Bloomington, is the leading organization working with Native American tribes across the United States to save and restore their languages.  We create comprehensive K – 12 language learning programs and train language teachers.  We develop dictionaries and textbooks, children’s books, mobile apps., software programs and even dub the Berenstain Bears cartoons into tribal languages.


Visit the Community Voices Showcase exhibit June 1 to August 31 to find out more and learn how you can get involved.