Local Cemeteries

This cemetery was located in the near the center of the North edge of Section 19, Washington Township, North of Bottom Rd. and West of Dittemore Rd. GPS Coordinates: 39.29498, -86.56033. This is near the village of Modesto. This property is now managed by the Sycamore Land Trust, and called the Restle Natural Area.

This cemetery is technically called Johnson/Clark Cemetery; and in the Monroe County cemetery survey it is abbreviated JOH3. The cemetery is next to an old road that forms the Northern boundary of the Nature Area. There originally was only one burial, Robert G Clark who was born in May of 1848 and died only a few months later, in October. The original small, marble marker is still there, but a newer granite marker has been added for Robert. Also there are three recent markers honoring members of the Restle family.

There are still the remains of an old rock wall that separates the cemetery from the old road. And there is quite a bit of vinca in and around the cemetery. The cemetery overlooks a deep gulch, which is too steep to be farmed or economically logged. That’s why it is still a natural area.