School & Youth Programs

The Monroe County History Center provides dynamic, hands-on educational programs for students, youth groups/clubs, scouts, lifelong learners, etc.  All programs meet select Indiana Academic Standards.  We have a variety of programs to choose from, but if you don’t see the program you need listed below, please contact the Education Manager for more information. The History Center is open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



Unguided Basic Tour and Scavenger Hunt – Teachers who wish to guide their students through the galleries are provided with the “Tour Points of Interest” information sheet and copies of our scavenger hunt. Cost: Free with individual student museum admission

Guided Basic Tour – A museum staff member will provide a guided tour of the Cook Gallery exhibits. This tour usually lasts about an hour, but can be modified for time constraints. Cost: $30 (per group per session) + individual student museum admission

Guided Subject Tour – A Guided Subject Tour focuses on a particular subject of your choosing. Additional programming (specialized scavenger hunts, activities, and/or presentations) may be added for an additional fee. This kind of tour will last between 30 – 60 minutes depending on the subject being covered. Cost: $35 (per group per session) + individual student museum admission


Each workshop allows students to have a fun, hands-on experience. Workshops are intended for students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. Workshops are designed for groups of 30 students at a time and last about 60 minutes.

Cost $30 (per group per session) + individual student museum admission (All workshops, except ABCs of Monroe County, can be done off-site for $40.)

ABCs of Monroe County (Pre-K – 2nd grade): Students get to know Monroe County by reading about an alphabet’s worth of Bloomington people and places, and then visit the galleries to pick out important people and places to include in their own “ABCs of Monroe County” books.

MoCo Critters (grades 3 – 8): Discover the animals who have called Monroe County home since the last ice age. Learn what makes a fossil a fossil, and how animals adapt to their environment.




Rock On! (grades 3 – 8):  Learn about Indiana’s geology and beyond. Examine different types of minerals and rocks and explore the importance of limestone in our region.





Monroe County in the Civil War (grades 3 – 8): Experience a day in the life of a Civil War soldier by examining historical reproductions of items used during the war. Learn about Monroe County’s contribution to the Civil War, on the battlefield and the home front.





Pioneer Life (grades 3 – 8): Step back in time and experience what it took to get to Indiana by covered wagon in 1818. Discover what chores and school work a Monroe County pioneer child did in the early 1800s. It wasn’t all work and no play, you’ll learn about their toys and games too!








National History Day (grades 6 – 12): This hands-on workshop focuses on skills students use in preparing their projects for National History Day with help from staff members. Students learn about the three types of sources, then research, create, and present miniature exhibits about historical people and events using real artifacts from our collection.







 Time Travel Trunk 

A multi-disciplinary unit of study on a particular topic all in one box! Includes everything you need to teach the unit: background information, lesson plans, artifacts students can touch, activities, and additional materials. You supply the crayons, paper, etc. Trunks are rented for two weeks, from Saturday to Saturday. Renters are responsible for transporting the trunks to and from the History Center. Cost: $10 for two week rental

Trunk Topics:  Indiana’s Native Americans, Prehistoric Monroe County, and WWII


 General Information:

To provide the Education Manager sufficient time to prepare for a visit, it is helpful if you make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance of your visit.

Teachers and Chaperones:
For Primary through High School groups, a 1:5 adult to student ratio is recommended. For Middle and High School groups, a 1:10 adult to student ratio is recommended. The History Center considers a group tour to be 30 people or less. Teachers and chaperones (per ratios listed) get free admission. Additional attendees will be charged $2.00 a person.

Payment Information:

Payment for most programs will be accepted ahead of time, day of, or within one month of the performed activity.  Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted. The History Center can provide you with an invoice, if needed.

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Please contact:  Andrea Hadsell, Education Manager
Monroe County History Center
812.332.2517 ext. 3