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New Resource: U.S. Land Patents for Monroe County

This index, compiled by Lee Ehman, contains all of the original sales of Monroe County land from U.S. Land Offices during the 1800’s. It was compiled from the searchable online database maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

This index augments information from the Research Library’s index of Monroe County land records from Deed Books A through Z, 1818 to 1870. Together, the two indexes cover all Monroe County land sales and purchases recorded during this period.

The link (only accessible if using the excel version found on the indexes and resources page of our website) in the left-hand column of the index takes you to the Bureau of Land Management record of the land sale. In addition to the Patent Details page first shown, you can obtain a scanned copy of the actual land sale document (Patent Image tab).

Post submitted by Lee Ehman (Library Volunteer)

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