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On September 17, 2020, the Monroe County History Center presented “A Historical Perspective on Race and Racism in Our Community,” in partnership with Leadership Bloomington-Monroe County.

Watch the program online here:

Things to Read Online:
“Monroe County’s Firsts: Breaking the Color Barrier”, an online History Center exhibit

Monroe County Timeline

Local African-American History Walking Tour

An Intro to Bloomington Black History

Blog post on Black History at IU

Blog Post about the 1968 Bombing of Bloomington’s “Black Market”

Bloomington Libraries Blog Post on the Black Market Bombing

Things to Read in Print:
A Time to Speak: A Brief History of the Afro-Americans of Bloomington, Indiana
1865-1965 by Frances V. Halsell Gilliam (1985)

Things to Watch:

About the Lick Creek African American Settlement in Orange County

Elizabeth Brigdwaters Oral History

Open to the Moment: A film about Reverend Marvin Chandler

Jacob Lawrence’s Great Migration Series

Things to Listen to:

“Mrs. Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment” – an episode of the Revisionist History Podcast that looks at the long-term impacts of school integration on Black teachers and students

“40 Acres” – an episode of “On the Media” that examines how the housing system within the US has discriminated against Blacks for decades.

1619 Podcast that examines the history of slavery within the United States

Uncivil: Historical Podcast on Slavery and the Civil War