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Committees are the life blood of any non-profit organization. The Monroe County History Center has 12 working committees that include a combination of Board members, Advisory Council members and volunteers. If you are interested in joining any of our committees, we’d love to have you. Contact and we’ll get in touch with you right away!

Current 2020 Committees

African American History

Works with the staff and Director to research and highlight the history of African Americans in Monroe County. 

Committee Members: Liz Mitchell – Chair; Bob Hammel, Jolene Wright, David McCrea, and Sue Ellen Bowman.

Support Staff: Megan MacDonald, Research Library Manager

Building and Grounds

Works with the Director and Office Manager to maintain and improve the building, grounds, and environment.

Committee Members: Scott Loman – Chair, Dave Musgrave, Steve Rolfe,  Don Griffin, Jr., Sandi Macdonald

Support Staff: Susan Dyar, Director

Collections and Exhibits

Works with the Collections, Exhibit and Research Library Managers to maintain collections and to prepare exhibits. The committee responsibilities include accepting, deaccessioning and approving policies governing artifacts and approving exhibits and the exhibit schedule.

Committee Members: Sue Ellen Bowman, Gayle Cook, Mary Lee Deckard, Linda Forshee, Mary Ellen Kerber, Nancy Kryway, Kathy McFall, Cheryl Munson, and Linda Stafford.

Support Staff: Hilary Fleck, Collections Manager, A.J. Gianopoulos, Exhibit Design Manager.


Works with the Research Library Manager to maintain and improve the library’s collection of primary and secondary source materials.

Committee Members: Lee Ehman, Jackie Gilkey, David Lemon, Scott Loman, Michael Maben, Randi Richardson, and Kelly Richardson.

Support Staff: Megan MacDonald, Library Manager.


Appointed by the President four months prior to the April Annual Meeting to prepare a slate of officers and board members to present at the Annual Meeting. The committee is active in recruiting new board members and officers.

Support Staff: Susan Dyar, Director.


Committee Members: Jen Borland, Vickie Fry, Marilyn Skirvin, Sue Sgambelluri, Joyce Poling, Brenda Duncan-Davis, Linda Williamson

Support Staff: Susan Dyar, Director


Determines staffing needs, recommends personnel policies and revisions to the Board and establishes compensation and benefits.

Committee Members: Scott Loman and Kerma Murray – co-chairs, Jen Borland, Sue Ellen Bowman, Gayle Cook, Vickie Fry,  Kathy McFall, and Dave Musgrave.

Support Staff: Susan Dyar, Director.


Locates, coordinates and preserves cemeteries in Monroe County.

Committee Members: Scott Emery – Chair, Carol Seaman, Marion Sinclair, Vanita Bell, Lou Malcomb, Michael Mendelson, Alexis Pruitt, Ellyn Pruitt, Nancy Raper, Phil Stafford, Carol Stinson, Aaron Young, C. Dayton, Amber Reyes, Anne Marie Chris, Karen Banks, Kim Alexander, Kat Rempley, Dave Clark, Pam Wasmer, and Herman Young.

Support Staff: Rose Merrick, Office Manager


Assists in coordinating educational, in-house and outreach programming to reach multi-generational audiences and adhere to Indiana academic standards when appropriate.

Committee Members: Jennifer Borland – Chair, Fred Dunn, Kelly Kish, Glenda Murray, Lois DeHoff, and Cheryl Munson.

Support Staff: Andrea Hadsell, Education Manager.


Works with managing director to plan the budget, review income and expenses regularly and offers investment recommendations to the Board.

Committee Members: Dave Musgrave – Chair, Mike Cornman, Lee Ehman, Vickie Fry, Sue Sgambelluri, Jen Borland, Phil Stafford, and Scott Faris.

Support Staff: Susan Dyar, Director.


Researches grant opportunities, writes grant proposals and monitors grant activities.

Committee Members: Phil Stafford – Chair, Vickie Fry, Kelly Kish, Scott Faris.

Support Staff: Susan Dyar, Director.

Sports History

Researches, tracks and develops connections between current sporting events and their historical past. Emphasizes unique sporting time-periods and athletes important to Monroe County history.

Committee Members: Bob Hammel – Chair, Fred Dunn, Tom Dyar, Andy Graham, David Lemon, David McCrea, Dave Musgrave, Roger Robison, and Chris Williams.

Support Staff: A.J. Gianopoulos, Exhibits Manager.

Sales (Garage/Holiday)

Organizes sales events including acquisition of sale items, cataloging and pricing, inventory tracking, volunteers, day-of-event management and event closeout.

Committee Members: Sue Ellen Bowman, Gayle Cook, Mary Lee Deckard, Linda Forshee, Mary Ellen Kerber, Nancy Kryway, Kathy McFall, and Linda Stafford.

Support Staff: Susan Dyar, Director


Monroe County Hall of Fame

Reviews nominations, researches, and presents inductees for the Monroe County Hall of Fame.

Committee Members: David Lemon – Chair, Larry Hensley, Jim Murphy, Linda Williamson, Bob Zaltsberg

Support Staff: Susan Dyar, Director