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Permanent Galleries

The Cook Gallery





Our permanent exhibits are housed in the original 1918 Carnegie Library section of the museum building. Named after  Gayle Cook, exhibits in the Cook Gallery explore Monroe County from the time of first European settlement to the culture of today, including industrial advancement, education, and lifestyles. Sit at a desk in the 1880’s one room school, explore pioneer life in an original 1840’s cabin or immerse yourself in Bloomington and Monroe County Sports and learn about athletes from Indiana University and area high schools. Come explore the fascinating history of Monroe County.

 Henry & Cecilia Wahl Gateway

Come meet Monroe the Schmalz bear, sample local music, check out some limestone samples from around the area and get a sneak peak of the exhibits featured in the Cook Permanent Gallery.

Brown Gallery

From carriages to airplanes, the Brown Gallery features the ever-changing history of Monroe County transportation.

Rotating Galleries

The Many Paths to Monroe:

Family Portraits from the Permanent Collection

One way or another, families start, settle, grow, and move through Monroe County, Indiana. Hidden deep within our archives are a collection of family portraits from throughout our county’s history. They tell of the triumph and tragedy of the people that left a mark on this community.

September 6 – January 24

The Hill Gallery is a rotating exhibit gallery sponsored by Margaret C. Hill. New exhibits are installed every 2-3 months.

Michelangelos of Monroe

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, stone carvers came to America from Europe to help forge new identities for themselves and buildings all over the country. They quickly became a part of the community and passed down their knowledge to future generations to create a lasting legacy and tradition in Monroe County. Michelangelos of Monroe tells the story of limestone carvers in Monroe County from their artistic process to the impact of their work being on display throughout the region and country

June 18 – October 12

As an addition to the exhibition, local structures and sculptures are all around Bloomington and Monroe County. A.J. Gianopoulos, Exhibits Manager, takes you on a guided tour in this “Exhibition on Display-Michelangelos of Monroe.” 


The Rechter Gallery is a rotating exhibit gallery sponsored by Richard P. Rechter. New Exhibits are installed every 4-6 months.