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Community Voices Case

WFHB’s 30th Anniversary

WFHB, Bloomington Community Radio turns 30! WFHB is Indiana’s first community radio station founded in 1993 and now serves a six-county area (Monroe, Brown, Morgan, Greene, Jackson, and Lawrence). WFHB promotes a wide range of musical genres, prioritizing diversity in its programming and supporting local music. WFHB boasts extensive local news and public affairs programming, striving to provide a voice for as many people in the region as possible, including those in the LGBTQI communities and people of color. This exhibit will feature art pieces made in honor of the station, as well as historical documents, posters, and photographs from the early years.

February 1 to March 31

Deckard Education Room

The Photography of Charles Shaw – Bloomington through His Lens

Charles Gilbert Shaw (1881-1939) was a prominent photographer in Bloomington from his arrival in 1912 until his sudden death in 1939. If you have seen a portrait photograph from this period, then you are likely already familiar with Shaw’s work. He served as the resident photographer for both the Arbutus and The Gothic and ran a thriving private portrait studio. Shaw also took many photos of the houses and public buildings of Bloomington, leaving behind an extensive record of early 20th-century Bloomington. Learn about his life and work in The Photography of Charles Gilbert Shaw: Bloomington through His Lens on view in the Deckard Education Room.

February to May 2023