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Community Voices Case

Barn Finds from the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead

Last fall, the History Center helped our fellow history enthusiasts at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead to clean out one of their barn outbuildings and identify objects to keep to help interpret the story of the Farmstead and decided what needed to go. The last resident of the farm, Daisy Garton, kept a lot of glass jars and odds and ends that perhaps she was planning to fix at some point. Daisy was very resourceful! However, the volunteers at the Farmstead wanted to take a hard look at the items and identify what really should be kept. Through the end of July, the Community Voices Case will have on display some of the fascinating finds from the Farmstead.

June 6 to July 30

Deckard Education Room

We Answer the Call: Our Neighbors’ Stories from the COVID-19 Community Oral History Project

In the midst of a global pandemic, many Monroe County residents did what they could to help their family, friends, and neighbors stay healthy. The exhibit features quotes from members of our community who have helped or been helped by our neighbors and participated in the History Center’s COVID-19 Community Oral History Project. We Answer the Call shines the light on our local helpers who answered our call for help during the pandemic.

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May 24 to December 31

The COVID-19 Community Oral History Project is an ongoing collection of our neighbors’ stories. A highlight reel is available to watch below. If you are interested in sharing your stories, please contact the Research Library at