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About Us

At a time when communities are challenged to be seen as unique and cultures are being lost, the Monroe County History Center is proof that when you stay true to a vision and mission, the results can be historic!

The founders of the original Historical Society knew this back in 1905, and it remains true today. 

Through our 501 c3, we’ve created a model of educational curatorship where facts and lore aren’t mutually exclusive, but instead weave together to create the perfect story of a community that is special, unusual and uniquely Monroe County.


To be the foremost authority and storytellers of the history and culture of Monroe County, Indiana.


The Monroe County History Center collects, preserves, researches, interprets and presents the genealogy, history and artifacts of Monroe County, Indiana and provides an accessible learning environment for all to enjoy. 

Unique Position Statement

The Monroe County History Center offers the most comprehensive publicly accessible collection of artifacts depicting the history and culture of Monroe County, Indiana.


To everyone who comes to seek their heritage to leave a legacy or to satisfy a curiosity, we make this pledge, MCHC will cherish your story.

Brand Essence

We Live, Love and Share History

2018-2022 Organizational Goals

  • Broaden our community engagement over the next three years by forging creative partnerships with five new cultural, educational and community-based organizations and leadership.
  • Increase attendance over the next five years to an average of 20,000 visitors annually to the museum and/or MCHC programs, events and digital assets and actively cultivate the next generation of History Center enthusiasts.
  • Enhance the visitors experience to the museum over the next five years by broadening the use of digital technologies throughout the museum, elevating the quality and rotation of exhibits and increasing the quality of programming and varied collection efforts while utilizing industry standards for measurable increase in “top of mind awareness” rankings.
  • Adopt a seven year Business/Development Plan that focuses on diversified funding sources,, membership structure, building endowments, partnerships with the business and corporate community and clearly defines roles for support groups for the upcoming capital campaign and continued fundraising for the annual operations budget.
  • Develop a Collections Management Plan by 2021 to address full review of collection inventory, cataloging and policy review.