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A Note from our President:

The Monroe County History Center serves to tell the story of Monroe County, Indiana. We strive to preserve and present our past history while collecting the present, and future, history of this wonderful county and all of its people. The Board of Trustees serves to support the staffcommittees, and volunteers that work tirelessly to achieve our mission and to preserve our vision. We also serve to listen to the community, what it needs and wants from its county history center. We have several volunteer opportunities and welcome you to join our group of volunteers. Membership is the first step to volunteering. I value all people and always happy to communicate, you may reach me through email at


President: Teresa Hull

Vice-President: Abby Mitchell

Treasurer: Kurt Jourdan

Secretary: Avalyn Quick

Associate Treasurer: David Musgrave



Charles Aiken

Geoff Bradley

Jim Capshew

Michael Carter

Scott Emery

Michael Flory

Scott Faris

Linda Forshee

Joyce Jewell

Christina Jones

Ted Markley

Cheryl Munson

Kerma Murray

Avalyn Quick

Roger Robison

STRATEGIC PLAN (2018-2022)

In 2018, the Board of Trustees created a four-year strategic plan to address the Monroe County History Center’s commitment to its community.

2018-2022 MCHC Strategic Plan


Ron Baldwin (00)

Carol Seaman (03)

James Kryway (03)

Kay Beth Harrell (03)

Gayle Cook (04)

Lee Ehman (04)

Judy McClary (05)

Rachel Peden McCarty (07)

DeAnna Bassett (09)

Allison Lendman (09)

Marilyn Skirvin (10)

Dan Fierst (11)

Susan Ferentinos (11)

Bob Ralston (12)

Liz Knapp (12)

Steve Rolfe (12)

Lou Malcomb (13)

Joyce Poling (15)

Liesl Loudermilk (17)

Lee Dodge (18)

Dean McElhiney (19)

Kathy McFall (19)

Kris Yoho (19)

Linda Forshee (20)

Elizabeth Mitchell (20)

Ellyn Pruitt (20)

Janet Stavropoulos (20)

Linda Williamson (20)

Kelly Kish (21)

Sue Sgambelluri (21)

Donald Griffin, Jr. (21)

Bob Hammel (21)

Sue Ellen Bowman (22)

Mike Cornman (22)

Fred Dunn (22)

Vickie Fry (22)

David McCrea (22)

Scott Loman (22)

Lois DeHoff (22)

Jennifer Borland (23)

David Musgrave (23)

Phil Stafford (23)

Kelly Richardson (24)