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New Resource: Monroe County Birth Index, 1882-2014

This new index is a compilation of indexes to original birth records created at the Monroe County Health Department and edited by Lee Ehman (library volunteer). This index currently is not in print form, but can be found on our website.

Of note for family researchers is the entry for mother’s maiden name, a sometimes elusive piece of information.

The index is not complete, but the Health Department is working on this. Missing from the compiled index are the following:

• 1921 through 1932 are not indexed
• 1933: only half the births are indexed. Ledger Book H18 is not indexed
• 1934: only half the births are indexed. Ledger Book H19 is not indexed
• 1959 through 1964: 1959 done through 10-23-1959. 1960-1964 not indexed

Our thanks to the staff of the Monroe County Health Center staff for their cooperation in sharing their indexes with us.

Post submitted by Lee Ehman (Library Volunteer)

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