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New Cemetery and Community Maps

The MCHC library has two new maps on display!

A map showing the location of all cemeteries in Monroe County is mounted near the southeast corner of the Education Room beside the Cemetery of the Month display. This map is the result of years of work by the Cemetery Committee in locating as accurately as possible all cemeteries that are now extant or have ever existed in the county. It is plotted on a modern map showing present roads and other geographic features to simplify finding the cemetery. Unfortunately we do not know the exact location of many of the cemeteries. Others have been destroyed and some removed to new locations.

Cemetery Map Bloomington Twnshp

A portion of the cemetery map showing cemeteries found in Bloomington Township

We have also recently completed a greatly revised version of the map showing the location of existing and former communities in the county. The new map is mounted in the MCHC library in the same position as the old map. It is also plotted on a modern map showing present roads and other geographic features.

Community Map

What constitutes a community? We use four criteria: 1. It is a population center shown on a map, either modern or historic. 2. We have community newspaper clippings in the MCHC files reporting news from the community. 3. It is included on a listing of post offices. 4. There is a mention of the community in historic writings. We do not know the exact location of some historic communities. Some communities are ill defined, as they were a grouping of families within a general area with no definite geographic center or boundary.

Community Map Perry Twnshp

A portion of the Community Map displaying the communities of Perry Township

We want to thank Matt Johnson of the Indiana Geological Survey for converting our GPS data into these attractive and useful maps.

Post Submitted by Bob Dodd (Research Library Volunteer & Co-chair of the Cemetery Committee)

Comments (0)

  1. T. Fagan


    Is anyone familiar with the hamlet called Dellsville ? I recall back in the 1940’s there was a Dellsville sign along old Hwy 37 that was built in the 1920’s about 70 mioles from the Bloomington Courthouse.

    Back in the day the area consisted of Self’s Country Kitchen operated by Brother Joe Self and wife Ada Clark. Old Tom Clark that ran the Country Store.

    This Hwy. replaced the Bloomington Bedford pike that was part of the Dixie highway that was from Chicago to Florida.

    T. Fagan


  2. Dorothy Self


    I’m doing genological research for Joe Self who owned “Self’s Country Kitchen”. Would appreciate any info or pictures.

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