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The Woolley-Garner Wedding

While doing research for a patron I came across the wedding announcement for Frank Woolley and Angie Garner from the October 7 1885 issue of the Republican Progress. Woolley was a prominent grocer in Bloomington who was also elected as Trustee of Bloomington Township and elected Noble Grand of the Bloomington Lodge. I.O.O.F.

The detailed article describes the day’s events as well as the bride’s outfit (‘wine colored silk and embossed velvet’). It also lists all of the gifts the bride and groom received, which I thought would be fun to share:

Handsome set of amethyst jewelry from groom.

Bedroom set and carpet, parents of the bridge.

Singer sewing machine, bride’s father.

Silver dinner caster, groom’s mother.

Handsome family Bible, groom’s father.

Two handsome oil paintings and two panels, Miss Nettie Woolley.

Decorated molasses pitcher, Anna Woolley.

Clock, Mr. W. Jay King and family.

Glass pitcher and bread plate, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Guy.

Silver butter knife, Mr. Thomas Shroyer.

Oil painting, Mrs. Joseph Shroyer.

Set of dishes, Mr. John Garner.

Chair tidy, Mrs. Sarah Golden.

Glass fruit and pickle dishes, bride’s mother.

Handsome library lamp, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Rogers.

Silver cake basket, Mr. and Mrs. Tobe Smith.

Two pairs handsome linen towels, Messrs. Will H. and Ben F. Adams.

Glass cream set, and set dessert dishes, groom’s mother.

Cut glass berry dish, Mr. William F. Browning.

Glass jelly dish, Mr. J.W. Robinson and family.

Silver thimble, Prof. Atwater.

Lamp mat, Mrs. Sarah Fry.

Set silver spoons, Miss Annie Donihue.

Wax begonia, Mrs. S. W. Bradfute.

Bath set, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Shoemaker.

Piece of bronze statuary, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Showers.

Majolica pitcher and set goblets, Prof. and Mrs. W.C. Snyder.

Panel painting, Mrs. I.A. Holtzman, and son Rice.

Elegant library lamp, by the following students of the State University: Messrs. Belden, Fessler B., Fessler J.W., Heiney A., Heiney C., Fordice, Wiley, Singleton, Peake, Nichols, Debbell, Means, Mutz, Moss, Griffith Kinsey, White, Ward and Ahl.

Sources: Blanchard, Charles, Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana (Mt. Vernon, IN: Windmill Publications, Inc., 1993), 800 pages.


Blog post by Megan MacDonald



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  1. Michael Carter


    Great work. Very interesting. I would say they did ok gift wise. 🙂

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