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Here are Harrowing Details of I.U’s First Football Game

Many students and alumni are looking forward to the start of the 2022 IU football season. Let’s hope they have a better start than the 1889 team. Below is an undated article about Old Bloomington found in a donated scrapbook. All photos are of early IU football teams.

1893 IU football team from the MCHC photo collection (1989.097.0049)

As soon as I.U. organized its first football team back in 1889, it tackled the Wabash eleven on the old college campus field. Of this game, The Telephone said in part: “The game of football Saturday between I.U. and Wabash, was an easy victory for the visitors. The first half of the game was a complete waterloo, the superior training and tactics of the Wabash team standing in sharp contrast to the weak and unorganized condition of the home eleven. Our rush line was weak and the half backs received miserable support. In short, the first half of the game could hardly be called football, Wabash making with little effort 40 points and I.U. nothing. In the second half, I.U. got a couple of points. Near the close of the game, Mr. Beiderwold, of the Wabash team received a hurt in some way near the right eye, which disabled him from further playing. His accident proved more serious than was first thought, and Dr. Harris was called. Mr. B. remained unconscious until 8pm but was able to go back to Crawfordsville with the visitors on the midnight train.