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Home Deliveries

Blog post by Randi Richardson


Initially huckster wagons like this one delivered groceries to homes in rural areas around the country.  Later huckster wagons utilized motorized trucks.

Lots of people from Monroe County had kin that lived in Brown County located adjacent to Monroe County on the east.  Some of those kin may be among those noted in the June 2019 issue of the Brown County Journal dedicated exclusively to hucksters—the vehicle operators and the families and communities they served.

Local hucksters traversed country roads bringing household necessities to farm homes throughout the state.  They provided an important service well into the 20th century.

There are several interesting pictures and stories in the above-noted issue of the Brown County Journal with names and places from around Brown County and vicinity, many frequently associated with Monroe County.  Even if you don’t recognize these people as your ancestors, you will probably find the material interesting.  Undoubtedly at least some of your ancestors took advantage of huckster wagons.

  • Ethel Baker
  • Bean Blossom Creek
  • Bear Creek
  • Button Bond
  • Everett Bright
  • Brock School No. 8
  • George R. Fleener
  • Frank Followell
  • William D. “Bill” Gates
  • Wayne Guthrie
  • Wilson Helms
  • Cass McDonald
  • Herb McDonald
  • Merril Moore
  • Robertson & Hawley’s Grocery
  • Clarence Robertson
  • Francis Robertson
  • Rund Grocery
  • Hammond Rund
  • Salt Creek Bottoms
  • Carl Spicer
  • Mandy Spicer
  • Josh Stevens
  • Ma Steppins
  • Van Sullivan
  • Henry Swain
  • Glenn Turner
  • Sophia (Lucas) Vossmeyer
  • Alra (sic) Wheeler
  • James Williamson
  • Wilson’s Grocery

To access a copy of the June newsletter, contact Rhonda Dunn by phone at 812-988-2899 or webmail at  Bear in mind that the History Center is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11-4 PM.